A day of beaching it.

A new surfboard…he looks depressed because all they had was Superman, he really wanted Wolverine.

Bonding with my littlest nephew.

And his Mama.

And my boy.

Two days to go and then we go wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

I awoke to summons from Fran to come see the 6am sunrise

with a boy who’s thoughts I wish I could read.

A boy that positively LOVES his new rash guard bathing suit with SPF 50

” I’m a real surfer dude now!”

A surfer dude that still likes to build sand castles with his mama

and chase seagulls that GORGE on

stranded clams on the shore.

And who reminds me around 4pm that it is time to go for our nightly walk.

Just he and I, hand in hand we walk down to the shore to say good night.

Until tomorrow, when we start  it all over.

Looking for fossils and sailboats at the York Fort

Settling for finding snails instead…

To share with a certain cousin back home, that is missed very much .

Exploring underground Fortresses with “History Buff”, aka… Grandpa Gary.

And above ground cannons.

Sun shining

Breeze blowing

A bit of history never felt so good.

Wonderful day with family.






More Tomorrow.

Love Julia

While struggling to get my guest/sewing room under control the other day…( I know, YIKES)

I noticed some of my knitting needles sitting in one of my yarn baskets.

You see,  I have a thing for clinky needles, they remind me of my Gram.

The tink, tink, tink with every stitch;  it just, I don’t know….makes me happy.

The colors of the needles alone is enough to bring a smile to my face.

As you may have noticed, I seem to gravitate towards blues, greens, purples and grays in pretty much, well…


So…. with these needles as a color inspiration

the guest room quilt as design inspiration.

And 2 baskets full of yarn from stores and blogging friends. ( The yarn in this picture is left over from a trade with the super knitter and spinner Britt).

I set out on a new rug hooking project.

If you have never tried rug hooking I highly recommend that you try it.

There is a definite method to it.

Seeing each hook go through the fabric one after the other… then flipping the wooden frame over to see how it is turning out.

A deep breath taken with each flip.

It is so much fun that it is hard to put down.

I’m working on it when I can, but it is going to take a bit to complete.

So many hooks.

We leave on Saturday and I work at the hospital right up until we leave…. That doesn’t leave very much time for hooking.



Don’t tell my husband, but this little project might just make it’s way into the bottom of my already exploding bag for our trip.

You know, in order to gain some extra inspiration from all of those Maine waves.


A lot of projects rolled through my head for my latest linen finds at the Thrift store.

In the end, I decided on a new knitting bag.

A nice LONG bag to hold an array of projects.

It was actually easy-peasy to make.

I just cut the lace trim off of the cream colored pillow case and pinned it to the rectangles of tablecloth that I had cut out and stitched to make the actual bag.

The tablecloth was fully lined, so I had the interior of the bag already done for me.


Laura and I had bought some pretty green ribbon for dress straps, but were unable to use it because they ended up being too thick for little girls.  It was a perfect contrast to the creamy fabrics.  I zip zag stitched the lace and ribbon all around the bag.

Then I added a pocket to the front and zig zag stitched 2  more lengths of ribbon to make the long across chest shoulder strap.

I made the bag narrow and long so that it can hold and protect all of my knitting projects that I am bringing on our upcoming trip.

Oh…..did I forget to mention that?

My wonderful Father-in-Law has rented a house on the coast of Maine for him, his two boys, two daughter-in-laws, and two grandsons to spend a week together as an end of summer treat.

Anyway!!!!!!  What is basically comes down to is that we are going on a VACATION!!!!

Our first vacation in almost 6 years of marriage.

Personally, I am looking at it as a belated Honeymoon…..4 1/2 year old boy, and extended family included/excluded.

I can just picture myself lounging on a blanket, surrounded by yarn and paperbacks.

Blissed out on the shores of Maine.


Tell me.

Are you going anywhere for the Swan Song of Summer?

Keene is usually our best Market….actually it’s the only Market that we participate in because we are so successful there.

Last Sunday though,  was an absolute BUST.  Hardly any sales.

Just a market FULL of people with little dogs on leashes who stopped right in front of our tent and chit-chatted…. all the while,  their little nippy dogs growled and tangled themselves around their owners legs.


Well, needless to say, Laura and I packed it up early.

But,  not before we got some yummy goodness from our fellow vendors.

Dogwood Bread Company was the first stop.

Ever weekend I drool over their breads  that walk by loaded into people’s arms.

And their granola was pretty much calling me by first, middle, and last name.

4 booths over is the peanut butter girl.  A girl that just oozes health.  Basically dressed in just a tank top, bandanna  and glowing skin, she hocks more peanut butter than even a grocery store.

I assure you.

BUT, I swear I almost passed out when she told me the total for my 2 jars of peanut butter.


Excuse me?”


“What was that?


But, I had already made out the check.  Standing there with hesitation I could  feel the other people breathing down my neck with anticipation at owning their own jar or chocolate PB goodness.


“This better be good stuff.” I muttered to myself as I juggled the two jars in my arms along with the bread and granola.

All told, I spent more money than we made that day.

But in honesty, it was worth it.

The first jar I opened was the Adirondack Jack….a mix of  honey, flax, almond, sunflowers, peanuts, cinnamon, AND CRANBERRIES.

Cranberries.  Mmmm.

What? Who thinks of that sort of combination.

But as I spread it onto the crusty bread, I just knew it would taste amazing.

With a small bowl of granola, of course.

All was not lost for the day though.

Because Laura asked if I would mind stopping at the Keene Thrift Store on our way home.

Is that some sort of rhetorical question.


So, all was not lost for the day.

Aside from the yummy food, I got some yummy linens to cut up for some new things to sell at the Farmer’s Markets to come.

Because, just because Sunday was a bust….it didn’t break our spirits.

It filled our bellies.

Colds are running rampant in this neck of the woods.

Me, my boy, my husband, my twin, her boy, her husband, our Dad, and Uncle.

Just to name a few.



Sinus vice clamp on head.

Yep, that just about covers it.

And it really just stinks with this being the middle of August.   I can’t afford to lose any of this fabulous weather to laying around with a stuffy head.

fallen leaf on the trail behind my twins house

Seriously, I found a fallen leaf that had changed already.

Fall is in the air.

I just wish that I was able to smell it for myself.

I wish you all good health.

I’ll be back when the quarantine is lifted.

In the spirit of repurposing on the inspirational tails of my friend Heather. I decided to give a new life to something that had worn out it’s welcome in someone else’s wardrobe.

Fabric sandwich

Fabric sandwich

I had just finished up a morning full of rotary cutting.

My hands were cramped and my back ached.

But hey!!!!

Look at that stack of coloring wraps to sew up for the Farmer’s Market!

I was just about to sit down and get started assembling the wraps.

When I remembered a few shirts that I had bought at the Thrift Store.  All flowers and girlie colors, they were just what I had in mind to meet my quota of  girl coloring wraps.

So, I cut it out…. the back of it made up just enough fabric for a coloring wrap.

Then it was  put it on the top of the stack.

First in line.

Ready for assembly.

This is going to be going off to Arizona, as a birthday present for my little niece, Kate Violet Laymon.

A girlie girl through and through.

Who’s  favorite colors just happen to be pink and purple.

With the middle name Violet, how could she not?

When I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch the other morning to head to work, I was startled by a family of deer in our circle garden.  They went thrashing through the Phlox and over the boulders into the woods.

Apparently, we have opened a Bed and Breakfast…

For the local deer.

I must have  interrupted their slumber, because there were bedded down areas(like crop circles) all over our Perennial garden, along with remnants of chomped beets and carrots littering the grass.

Yep, a Bed and Breakfast.

Wait until word gets out about what we have to eat now!

We’re seriously going to have to put out a “No-Vacancy” sign.


Three years after planting tiny foot tall seedlings and nursing them through trompings from little boys oblivious to their delicacy and near misses with riding mowers…

We finally have some fruits to show for our labor.

We watched it blossom through the spring.

and watched those blossoms morph into teeny apples last month.

And now….

Those babies are bigger than I ever thought they would get.

And they are just beautiful.

I picked a few to let ripen a bit before the Deer ate them all up.

We also picked some raspberries that are scattered in between the boulders that border our property.

They are perfect for picking, although very small.

They are sweet and seedy and luscious.



Tell me.

What are you growing to eat at home?

We’ve been pretty busy here, so my knitting projects are taking longer than I would have liked. But they are coming along.  Looking more and more like their intended shapes with every row that I knit.

The capelet is on it’s way,  It’s really easy to get into a rhythm with this pattern.

In more disappointing news I have scratched the Belle Star Hat due to several missed stitches and an unraveling by my cat Gracie that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Instead, I have decided to knit another Twirly Top Toque…. this time for me.

I’m using  a beautiful worsted teal yarn in a wool/mohair blend…called ocean waves.

My forehead tends to get super itchy from wool so I plan on lining this hat with fleece.  That wayit will keep me warm and itch free when I wear it skiing in the winter.

But enough about wool and winter….For now it is sunny, and the boys and I are going for an evening swim.

Pre dinner and post beating sun.

Just enough to tire out two little boys.

Being that today is Sunday and even though I am the furthest thing from religious; I thought that it was time to come clean about something…

Getting down on my knees in front of all of you Blogging/Baker/Mama Gods out there.

“Forgive me Mamas……for I have lazed.”


“I made apple bread……………….. ”


“from a box.”

*Gasp* the horror.

I hear you snickering.

There, I said it.

“Now, how many Hail Marys do I owe you?


You see, my theory to this is that when Laura and I were born….I received the cook genes from our mom and Laura got the baker genes.

Luckily, we both share the sewing genes.

Lauras chocolate walnut toffee bars....from scratch.

Laura's chocolate walnut toffee bars....from scratch.

Laura makes delicious yeast rolls from scratch, pie crust that literally melts in your mouth, and the most amazing cookies and cobblers that I have ever had.

I, on the other hand am content to cook.  Luscious noodle dishes with creamy sauces, roasted veggies, grilled fish, and hearty soups.  Happily, I married a true Adirondack’er, who would live off of nothing but meat,  milky/buttery potatoes, and a side of veggies for the rest of his life.

I love baked goods just as much as the next premenstrual maniac…what is better than doughy, sweet, sugary goodness.  And I love adore crusty bread far more that I even love my husband.

Kidding on that last one.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to bake…it’s just that I don’t have the patience for it.

I am seriously that girl……the one that puts ONE gigantic chocolate chip cookie in the oven, just so I don’t have to wait the 8 minutes to switch out the cookie sheets. And don’t even get me started on waiting for dough to rise for a loaf of bread, just so that I can punch it in the face and then let it rise all over again!

Cooking though, to me, it’s a constant.

Constantly stirring, adding, draining, tasting, until it is time to eat.

And then I can eat it right away….there is no waiting for it to cool, or watching it deflate before my eyes while sitting on the counter.

I am going to be the mom who sends Eben in with a plate of Oreos for a bake sale.

I know….Poor kid.  (I’ll let you know the bake sale dates as the school year progresses, in case you want to ship some hand made goodness so as not to humiliate my poor Kindergartner.)



the bread was delicious.


So, what would you rather do; bake or cook.

What is your specialty dish?

This morning Eben received his first letter from his Kindergarten teacher.

and it got me thinking about baby names…

Ever since I was a little girl I have made lists for the baby that I would eventually have.  Boy names, girl names, unisex names…LOTS and LOTS of names.

Then when I was became pregnant with my boy, I wrote even more lists of names.

The bad thing was that all the names that I had on my lists were met with resistance from Fran.

girl names

” What about Emelia?” I’d ask.


boy names


No way

unisex names


…Wasn’t that the name of a guy you used to go out with?

Well, you can see where this got us.

The day that I told Fran that we were having a boy was the day that we chose his name.

I giddily rambled off my newest list of names until I got to the last one.  One that I had been hesitant on since it is the name of a cousin of Fran’s.  I was afraid that there would be some confusion in such a small town.

“What about Eben?”  I asked meekly ( silently praying that it would be a hit)

“Are you serious?”

Well, I was just thinking that may…”

“I love it, it’s perfect!”

There it was,  the one and only name that we both loved and agreed on……..how could we not name our baby it?

Now, I will say, this name was not met with such enthusiasm by the rest of the people that we told.

Typical conversation…

” Have you decided on a name yet?” asks…some random person rubbing my protruding belly.

“Yes, it will be Eben.”

“Evan, I love that name!”

“No, no,  it will be Eben with a ‘B'” I’d have to correct.

“Oh, well, that’s ….um….different isn’t it?”  they’d say…as they removed their hand from my stomach.

Even our parents were trying to suggest alternatives.

As soon as he was born though, when I heard it whispered by loved ones cuddling my new baby so sweetly in their arms….. I knew that this was who he was.

Eben Nathaniel.

My boy.


Now tell me….

How did you come up with the name that you chose?

What is it that you love about it?

My husband is a HUGE Fisherman.

He has fished since he was a boy and now that Eben is finally getting dexterous enough to be trusted with a 3 ft pole with a sharp hook attached to the end, he is proudly passing on this pastime to our boy.

He explains with patience and love to a boy so eager to be like his Daddy.

A brave boy that can even put a worm on by himself, not at all squeamish at the squish.

For the results far outweigh the task that got you there….

The climactic catch is only dwarfed by the bond that is forming between the two of them.  And all I can do is look on in awe, so thrilled that they are able to share these moments together.

The more that he tries, the better he gets.

Psyched with even the smallest of rockbass, because….

“Hey, it’s still a fish!”

Today the boys and I went fishing up the Mountain from where I grew up, to the Toll Booth Pond, for a few hours of trying our luck

with some new “AWESOME” fishing poles.

Sam was in Heaven, because his Daddy met us there.

And I was equally as happy to have him there,

so that HE could do this for the boys.

I just watched my boy have a blast.

Knowing that even though they didn’t catch a single thing, they still are learning with every cast.

Progress in knitting…2 newly started projects.

Yes, TWO.

a cute hat with a pattern that says EASY, but is proving to be kind of difficult.

Rusty with the old needles, I guess, but I’m sticking with it….because I LOVE hats.

And project #2 is  this sweet capelet.

It’s called the Library Capelet, which I think it is fitting…. since I can picture myself wearing it while I read book after book this coming Fall while my boy is in Kindergarten.

Aurora's Shrug....modeled by Eben by the garden.

I had some left over yarn from a shrug that I knitted in the Spring for my little cousin Aurora.  I had greatly over estimated the amount of yarn that I needed…by OHHHH, about 3 skeins a little bit .

So, I have found the perfect use for it.

All in all, it’s coming along nicely, easy to read and knit.

And TOMORROW Fran and I are headed to Vermont for a concert with some friends (while my amazingly generous twin watches our boy).


A car full of 6 wanna-be-in-our-20’s-again-but-since-we-aren’t-.-.-.-.we’re-gonna-rock -out-like-we-are…. 30-somethings with a mutual love of ….


Is there anything better?

I think not

Happy weekend to you….. all of my friends.

When my head hit the pillow last night, it was full with intentions of getting oodles of projects done.


I woke to a husband who wanted to take a shower together.

Well, Umm, yes.  Thanks.

But then he went to work….and I found myself snuggled up in bed with my fleece blankets, armed with my clicker for emergency channel changing.

The boys were up, occupying themselves nicely with playing with their V-smile and action figures in their room.

It’s SO great that they are old enough to be trusted (well, mostly).

Now, if only they could make breakfast, sweep, mop, and change over the laundry to the dryer.  Because those are the ONLY things that I rose from the bed to do.

I literally made eggs and toast…got back in bed; vacuumed…got back in bed;  filled drink cups…got back in bed.

You get the picture, don’t you?

Then and only then, at 12:45pm, did I rise from my nest of blankets to actually partake in the world around me.

While the boys were visiting with my brother in law, I went to the bank and to the Adirondack Yarns.  You see, I have taken photos for  This cute little knitting store and set up a Facebook site , a fair exchange for the owner selling my knitting needle wraps.  I wanted to see if they needed a restocking.  While there, I picked up a size 10 circle needle and coincidentally was smacked with the fact that I haven’t picked up my own knitting in a LONG time… the last time I did, it was to knit my Pa a hat when he was in the hospital.

What?  That was a month ago.

Seriously? How is that possible?

I hi-tailed it back to the house and dusted off my knitting books.

I poured over them for a new project.  For the life of me though, I couldn’t find a THING that I wanted to make.


I feel as if I’ve been so consumed with sewing lately, that I have forgotten about the thing that rekindled my creativity.

And then, just as my FUNK peaked for the day… Fran pulled up in his Tacoma.   I ran outside and yelled over my shoulder as I jogged to the end of the driveway that…

I needed to go for a walk and oh yea…… thanks for watching the boys while I do that.

I walked up the road to the horse barn and then down to the river.  I passed by my house, waving a my husband who was sitting in a chair, watching the boys play baseball.  I think he thought that I was coming back to the house, but my feet just wouldn’t turn that way.

I walked on, towards the river.

To my spot, on a flat rock at the edge of the easy rapids and sat.

I realized that this is what I had needed all along.  A bit of reflection and time to myself.

Then I walked back up the hill to my boys.  Still playing baseball and some how even cuter than I had left them.

Including the big one.

So now I sit in my corner of the couch with a green apple woodchuck (the beer that you must buy and drink immediately),  prepared to peruse Ravelry ( the site I’ve been neglecting ) and find a new project .

Waking my sleeping bear’s knitted butt.


So, tell me…..What are on your needles?

With Kindergarten nipping at our heels, Laura has informed me of the need for a new schedule….Concerns for the poor  teacher who has to deal with the nightmares that these boys have a tendency to turn into if they are deficient in ZZZZZ’s.

You see….

Our boys are night owls…They are the offspring of the same, their mamas.

We are all up at 6am, taking a  2hr nap at 2pm, and then off to bed,anywhere from 9pm to midnight.

Yes, you just read that correctly….MIDNIGHT.

Attempts at getting the boys on a more 5 year old appropriate schedule for sleeping has left me with a day full of occupying.

Today was nothing short of exhausting.

Up at 6am, we watched a show and ate a little breakfast…eggs and toast for the boys.

and this lusciousness for me.

Followed by a little housework. ( I wish my floors could stay this nice ).

and then we headed off to get groceries.

We then went off to the beach before it got engulfed with Ironman folks.  Where the boys played with all of the dogs playing fetch, while I watched the  kayaking boys crews with the ripped abs and gloriously toned and tanned arms rowing on the lake.

” Stroke, Stroke, Stroke”.

Sacrifices I tell you, the things I do in the name of occupying these boys.

All of this before 9am.  We then went home to put away the groceries and get to work, sewing and playing.

I made 2 pairs of pants, the first of which I should have just bailed on…I was preoccupied with watching out the window at the boys playing in the sandbox making sure that they weren’t throwing sand balls at each other.

I was not paying attention to my hemming.

and wound up with this…………………..

which led to whole lot of tedious this…….

which got me a cute pair of these……….

We ate some lunch to recharge.  So that  I could finish my quota.

Roasted red pepper hummus with tortilla crumbs seem to make anything turn out better.


My new favorite.

It’s going to be hard to part with these, come Sunday.

We’ll see what the rest of the day has in store for us.

I hope that you all are doing something that you love today as well.



It’s almost the weekend.

What a day…

My mom, Eben and I went to Plattsburgh for our first day at a new Farmer’s Market.  Full intentions of selling out and having a fabulously busy day at a market in an actual CITY were thwarted upon arrival.

We unpacked the car, set up our tables and started talking to the other VENDOR (notice…singular).  He said that they usually don’t have much craft business on Wednesday (he was a farmer) and that Saturday was the BEST day for crafters( which has no vendor spots open, OF COURSE).

Mom and I had a little pow-wow and after a panicked call to Laura who is in Rochester visiting her in laws; we came to a unanimous decision.

Pack it up and go home.

I’m glad that we did, because 1hr later, when we drove back by….

The market in full swing....FULL

this is what we missed.  Rockin’, huh?

Of course, though, all was not wasted on a trip to the big city from the mountains.

A stop for fabric was called for.

Then we headed home…. where I started sewing up a storm.

While my boy got ready

for some bonding with his Poppy, over a Harley.

And then we kidnapped my parents dog

for a heavenly walk on the trails in the woods.

I miss living on the mountain.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some ironing to do…for Sunday’s Market.

….one that actually has people at it.


Whether I’m writing about the highlight of my day, or just a mundane post about life.  I come here to get it out.  A sounding board for ideas  and to gain inspiration from friends. 

“Scientific studies confirm that Blogging in itself, has a relieving effect on the author and reader.”

********I made that last part up, by the way.********* 

Feelings of disorganization and getting all riled up in life have been an all too common vibe in my skull lately.  My mom and twin call me a scatter-brain when life starts to hit me like this…. I would be inclined to agree with them.

In the spirit of calm and pulling it all together….I felt the need to shake things up here at my place on the web.   

Spring cleaning complete with dusting off the cupboard shelves.

*Switching up my photography…..a lean towards the blue spectrum for shadowing since grey blue is my favorite color and it makes me super happy.

*Switching to a new theme that I feel is more fitting to inspire my mood lately…..  Pulled together and calm.


Is it possible for a Blog to rub off on a human?

Man, I hope so.