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This has been a hard decision for Laura and I to make, but it has been a long time coming.

Trying to update the Etsy shop, activating and deactivating listing based on what we sell has taken it’s toll on us.   Since the majority of our business is word of mouth and at the Farmer’s Markets, we have decided to close the Etsy shop.

Between trying to spend quality time with our boys, keeping house, and spending time with our husbands, we found that these things were all taking a back seat to our goods.    Too many times, we found ourselves shoo-ing our questioning boys  away from us.  While we sat hunched over the computer waiting for a photo/description to download onto Etsy.

It’s not fair to them…..and not profitable in the long run.

This is the last summer of our boys being little, before they start  school.  We want to enjoy it.

Hunching over the sewing machine is non-negotiable…that is a neccessity. But the computer…for Etsy, we can surely live without.

Because, as I have mentioned before…This is a hobby,

we are Nurses by trade, and

Mothers by LOVE….

Maybe when they’re  in school and we have more time; when we don’t feel like we’re slighting the only boys that we have, maybe then we will start a new Etsy.

So, in short, we will continue to do custom orders and attend our weekly Farmer’s Market for socializing and getting our name out in the Adirondacks.  And putting our computers for much more enjoyable uses…

BLOGGING and making wonderful friends.

Love to you all.

PS. This post inspired me when I was teetering on the fence of indecision, so thanks to the right-on Heather.

Yesterday, I spent an estimated 2 hrs trying to nurse my sewing machine back to health.

All to no avail.  It’s ka-put.

This is the same sewing machine that my sweet 4’11” Gram used when she was a young mother to her brood of 5.

I’ve written about her before,

Laura and I with Gram...2 years old.

Laura and I with Gram...2 years old.

but I don’t think I have ever posted a photo of her.

Gram's last Christmas... such a great smile.

She was a little firecracker.

Fitting, since tomorrow, the 4th of July would be her 89th birthday.

Tonight, I went out to the garden to pick some flowers in her memory.

I probably will keep this sewing machine for the rest of my life, since…

~I know that her little hands fed fabric through it, and

~her tiny foot pressed that very same pedal.

Tomorrow, I will visit the grave that she shares with her husband…. to leave flowers, like I do every year.

The flower that we share as a favorite…

Blossomed just in time.

Being coop-ed up for 3 days lends itself to a mind brimming with projects for the store.

So, yesterday when I could brainstorm no longer I entered my sewing room, overflowing with ideas.

I had some new fabric that was literally… burning a hole in my sewing machine pocket.


When Eben was a baby I used to just carry him around…sling-less, or in a front pack.

But as he got older, he became mobile….and mobility is all well and good…..Until….baby muscles tire and nerves fray and the proverbial “Wheels fall off”.

Case in point of wheels MOST DEFINITELY falling off!

Case in point of wheels MOST DEFINITELY falling off!

Between 1 and 2 years old Eben became a cling ball.  And since I watched my nephew on my days off I was usually juggling 2 squirming, clinging, vying for attention little boys.


On a rare shopping trip Laura and I found ourselves with no stroller in sight.  The boys were exhausted and Laura and I were in desperation mode .


We were in Old Navy and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Laura pick up a light wool shawl.

I thought, well that’s pretty and all, but it’s almost summer.

The next thing I knew…she had the tag ripped off, knotted the ends, threw it over her head and 1 arm and plopped Sam’s wiggling, whining buns right in the sling that she had made.

He ceased crying and just sat there looking out at the world, happy,

And me…..I just stood there in awe…. thinking,

How did she just do that?

Why didn’t she come up with this a year ago?

Where is mine?!?!?

Needless to say, it was a godsend.

We were sure to have one in our car at all times.

Sorry, so pixel-y Its the only shot I have of Eben in his sling.

Sorry, so pixel-y It's the only shot I have of Eben in his sling.

But, as Eben got bigger, the sling pulled more and more with the weight of him.  And I finally had to retire my sling due to the ever handy knot DIGGING into my ribs, or back, or baby.

Not so good.

So, long story short (or long, in this case)….now that we are sewing baby goods for our store, I have a renewed interest in slings.


Without knots that DIG.

Sling...not really this skinny, it's just folded in half for extra strength to hold my 48lb boy.

Which is exactly what I came up with!  There is a pocket for a little baby, or it can be worn as a hip carrier for bigger babies(as modeled by Eben).

It is still in the prototype stages, but I think I have it!


I came up with something else… know me….

Miss WRAP….

A diaper wrap….it holds wipes and dipes (please excuse the folded washcloth in the right pocket….gladly, we haven’t had a diaper in our house in 2 years, so I didn’t have one for the photo.)

So now I am in the perfecting stages of these new patterns, but I am excited none the least.

Inspiration breeds ideas which breeds projects.

So, I’d love to know….

What are you, my friends giving your sewing machine a workout with right now?

Today was our second time at the Keene Farmer’s Market. And it was very, very, very nice.

Slow to start, we took some photos and knitted.

I have tried for MONTHS to get Laura interested in knitting.

But, now that I have shown her knitting in the round….

she is HOOKED!

Converting all of my loved ones into knitters, one day at a time.

There was a smaller turn out from the last time.  But still,  not bad considering.

We were visited by our wonderful parents though; and our cousins from out of town in their camper; and people that we had met the last time that we were there.

We even had a repeat customer!
Back for more Burpies.

When the last customer had left the tents and everyone began tearing things down, Laura and I packed up.

This was my car’s Maiden Voyage to the Farmer’s Markets. (We usually take Laura’s minivan-which is in a class all of it’s own for convenience, space, and little boy entertainment!)

And my baby did me proud.

Minus the two boys who are my usual co-pilots, it held the whole lot of it with room to spare.

I guess we need to come up with some more things to make to fill the void, huh?

Great day, followed by a great evening spent re-stocking and sewing and visiting.

I thought that I could write about crafting over at our Store Blog and devote this, my first home; to writing about my life.

But today while I was sitting in my sewing room/guest room I came to a realization.

Crafting is a HUGE part of who I am and what I do in life.

What is my favorite thing to do if I have a half hour to myself?

You guessed correctly….


So, no more quarantined posts of crafting over at ADK MAMAS.

I am a crafting Mama and I am proud.

This morning was spent….stuffing birds bottoms with batting for more mobiles.

And sewing up more Coloring Wraps to replenish the supply that was depleted at the Farmer’s Market

All of this luscious crafting was made possible in part…

by the letter


and the letter


and the letter


Ooh Ooh, and I almost forget…

I scored some stunning floral sheets at the thrift store to make some pretty little girlie Mountain Babies Gifts

Also I packaged up and mailed a custom order for a set of twins…2 burp cloths, and 2 pairs of booties.

My name is Julia and I am a Craft-a-holic.

There, I feel so much better.

Today after waking to a drizzling sky, I was ready for a day at home.

The father in our house had plans for fishing with friends already in place……come rain, sun, or snow.

So after spending a bit of time outside, looking at the newest sprouts in the garden.

BELL PEPPER PLANTS from the Nursery!

And checking on my babies which seem to be at a standstill in the whole blooming phase of life as a Peony.

We headed inside for a glorious day of linen changing.


Noticing similarities in the house.


A rekindling a connection with a book that I started 2 years ago.

Happily reading with occupied, giggling, V-smile playing, boys.

It was more of a Mother’s Day than a Fathers day.

But I’ll take it.


Laura and I have had a little shop on Etsy since January or so of this year.  We’ve had a bunch of viewings of the items, but I am sad to say that we have yet to sell a single thing.

So, today I went ahead and did some revamping with my new camera….I figure if I snazz up my photos, maybe I’ll snag a few sales in the process.

The boys and I went down to the river ( I know, I know;big surprise…we went to the river) this morning.

I brought along the booties and my camera for this gallivant.   The lighting was excellent and the temperature was even more lovely.

I just found a spot among the moss and shriveled leaves, and started shooting.

Here is a sample of what they looked like….


And after….

I also took some fun shots to play around with for the Etsy Banner….

Finally, I decided to go with this one….

And lastly, one photo of a pair of the booties all packaged up and ready to go.

Hopefully this little overhaul will prove successful for us.  It’s not that I have a whole lot of time or energy invested in it.   I just LOVE these booties and want to know that they are being loved on some little one’s feet;  instead of in a basket in my craft closet.

Have a wonderful day!

I found this hat pattern in a book….I had to modify the top half since I didn’t like the bulge that all of that purling created; but it is from the book One Skein Wonders.

I was feeling extra confident with the completion of Laura’s hat and was looking for a new project.

I had just gotten some SOFT YARN by Red Heart that was burning a hole in my pocket like a $20 bill.

I sat down in the guest room at Laura’s house so I could see the boys outside.  I had sent them outside and they were occupying themselves by exploring and playing on the wood pile collecting teeny pine cones.

I had some quiet and just scanned the pattern, following direction and stitching my way through it.

(with 3 books for stitch explanation by my side)

I took me about 5hrs total spread over 3 days, but I was able to finish it.

With a little distraction from a certain cat who LOVES to roll over on books.

I finished it two days ago and showed it to my fellow nurse (Nancy) at work yesterday.

Nancy is one of the CREW at work.  It  includes my good friends Ginger, Bre, Laura, Veronica, and I.  When any combination of these girls is working….there is sure to be a good time.  She joins right in with the sarcasm and swear words that flow freely from our lips at the hospital on a challenging day.

She is an inspiration to me in many ways.  She is in her sixties and has climbed EVERY ONE of the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks.  The fact that she only started to hike within the past 10 years is a feat in itself.  She keeps a gorgeous house that is located on a secluded lake….It is filled with hooked rugs, wood floors, antiques galore and a wrap around porch TO-DIE-FOR.   She also has been through UNIMAGINABLE hardships in life, ones that would cripple even the most strong of heart.  And I wouldn’t have even known it; had I not asked her an innocent question  in the med room one day after E was born.

I adore her.

Nancy is also a crafter.  She had commented on the yarn and the pattern on Sunday.  We were working together, having a nice day and I was stealing a few minutes to knit during my break.   So when I had the chance to show her the finished product 2 days later I knew that she would appreciate the fact that I was so psyched to have finished it.

And she did…..

Because I gave it to her as a gift.

Now I am off to make more hats.

For all the rest of my girlies in my life…. that I love so dearly.

My FIRST adult sized hat is now finished.

I made it for L, who I NEVER see with a hat unless she is skiing.  This is contrasted by me….her twin, who is NEVER without a hat (just ask my mom who frequently comes up behind me and snatches them off of my head when I wear them in the house.)

I started it on a beautiful day.

I packed it up in my backpack for our walk to the river the other day.  So that I could work on it while E threw rocks and I relaxed, nestled into my chair made of sand.

It was about half way finished by the time we walked home .

And I was able to bind it off the next morning.

Then I looked at it on Laura and I liked it…..

But, it was definitely lacking a little something.

Some sort of embellishment was needed.

I thought about it for a while and then started messing around with different yarn and crochet hooks etc.

Finally I found something that I liked

….and L loved.

Now I am working on the half mittens to go with it.

See, I told you I was hooked!

I was tired of having to fish through the tote bag that I had been using to hold all of the needles I have aquired for knitting and sat down the other day with a plan.

A plan to consolidate my madness into some sort of portable ease.  I figured I needed 2 wraps.

One for shorter things, like… the double pointers, holders, and crochet hooks.


One to hold the longer needles and my 4 rounds.

The only issue was mapping out dimensions and finding a suitable fabric for the cause.

It had to be sturdy and pretty puncture proof.

I opened up the closet and took down my bags of fabric and scraps, sizing up the size and feeling out the thickness.  Envisioning the finished product even before it was chosen.

I had a PILE of felt squares in all sorts of colors.  I would use one of them as the backing of the smaller wrap.  AND I  still had the rest of the felted scarf that I had used to make a pair of booties.

I also pulled out the thrifted shrunken creamy wool jacket that I had bought BASICALLY, just for the buttons.  It was a whole $2.

I was set to go; measured felt and wool, buttons, and Gram’s sewing machine.

I chose brown felt for the backing.  Because I LOVE brown; and it matches the pattern.

I measured out the sizing for the little divided pockets of the FIRST wrap. and sewed them up.

I sewed on a top flap; cut 2 tiny holes in it for button holes and sewed the buttons to the lower piece..

Then I added some ribbon and rolled it up.  Finished.

And then I was ready to do wrap Two.

I used the end of the scarf for the larger wrap.

I sewed the pocket dividers right onto the front of the scarf; and sewed on two more buttons.  I used the already sewn end of the scarf as the bottom of the wrap.  Then I cut the top front half off of the scarf, folded over the back part and cut in two button holes.

Then I filled the pockets and rolled them up.

Under one hour to complete and it really is helping me to keep track of all of my supplies.

I hope you all are having a terrific weekend!

I am.

Yesterday I was working in the ER.  Taking care of 2 CAKE patients who were slated for discharge sometime in the mid day.  I was bored out of my wits, finished with all of their packing and dressing changes and medication by 9:30am. Thankfully I had my knitting bag in my car and went to get it during my break.  While awaiting orders from the doctor I was able to get started on a new hat for my friend’s first grand baby.

By the time I got home in the afternoon I had gotten pretty far.

And by the time I went to bed, it was finished!

So this morning I decided to check it out in the daylight.

The yarn is multi-faceted with such wonderful colors, I just had to see what it would look like in the sun.

I love the way that it looks from the top.

For Ginger and her new Grand baby Aayden James.

Happy day to you all.

I was looking through my craft/linen closet after waking up from a nap; with a whole lot of enthusiasm for a new project.

Something in the left hand corner of the top shelf caught my eye.

I had forgotten all about it in my flutter of knitting, booties, Stationary wraps and such.

I got a twinge in my stomach, thinking….

Why didn’t I finish you….you beautiful little hooking?

That was all it took.  I stood on my desk chair to pull it from it’s perch and I held it in my hands.

It was begging for completion.

I started it over a year ago.

I gathered my supplies, 3 skeins of yarn, my Oxford Punch, the circle hoop, and sat down in my corner of the couch by the light.

Ready to go.

All I had to finish was the second mountain….

the sky….

And finally, patch up the bare spots that peeked through the yarn.

It is called “FOLLOW ME

It is of a place I would love to be…to transport into the scene just by laying my head on it; when I turn it into the pillow it will eventually become.

The trail to the lake….

To sit on a boulder by the windblown water….

Taking it all in.

I was so relieved that I finished it.

Now I am inspired to start a new one.  I just have some sketching to do, before I decide on the final scene.

Have a spectacular weekend everyone.

Truly, Julia

After taking up knitting again.  I have knitted several mini scarfs, trying to perfect knitting and purling; followed by MANY, MANYunravelings………

I knit my first hat!!!!

I KNOW, I couldn’t believe it either!


It all started with a knitting arsenal……

Click here to see the rest of this post and my photos

When I was a little girl, my Gram taught me to knit.  She was SUPER patient with my sister and I, guiding our little hands into the right way of holding the needles and yarn.  It didn’t stick though…I thought it was pretty lame and was too busy wondering what was on MTV than how to K/P/sslp.   Now that she has been gone for 11 years I am wishing she was here; not just to help me with knitting, but because as I grow older I realize what an amazing lady that she was.   I miss her.

So here I am now, twenty years later; learning how to knit again……from a book.

But learning none the less.

One of my favorite pastimes is making booties.  It is quick and doesn’t require a sewing machine, which makes it SUPER portable.   I have my own patterns and intend on getting a EIN and business started up once I have more time(ie. when E starts Kindergarten this coming Fall.) I call the line of booties Mountain Babies Booties (for obvious reasons).

Trifted wool scarf and felt....for the true Mountain baby.

One of my patterns Thrifted wool scarf and felt....for the true Mountain baby.

In the interim I have instated my twin to help me make booties in newborn sizes to donate to the hospital that we work at as nurses.   We have already made and donated around 30 pairs and are making more all the time , since there is a baby boom going on in the Adirondacks this spring/summer.

The pattern for these booties that we are donating is a basic, simple bootie.   They are fully reversible and my own take on the super popular “Bitty Booties” pattern available online by the inspiring  Heather Bailey.  I don’t intend to sell this style, hence the donations to the OB wing at the hospital.

There are LOTS of hunters in this area.

There are A LOT of hunters in this area.

Ready for packaging

Ready for packaging

Of course I could just give them to the OB Dept. as they are, but I am a sucker for packaging and
Click here to see the rest of this post and my photos

Making more Stationery wraps.  These are for my two cousins who I love very much.

I got the fabric for Read the rest of this entry »