Do you see that day right there?

Saturday the 12th?

Do you see how it is highlighted in yellow and says….FIBER FEST?

Well, it’s highlighted because I don’t want to forget it.

and it’s only 2 days away….TWO!

Months ago, Laura and I applied  “Adirondack Mama’s Gifts” as a possible vendor at the Blue Mountain Lake Museum for their Annual Fiber Fest.

About 2 months ago we were told that we had been chosen as vendors by the jury.

I know, exciting right!!!!!!

So I marked the day in my organizer and highlighted it, always saying that I would have plenty of time to sew a supply for it once the boys started school.

Plenty of time!!!

Well, I just finished up a two day stretch of working at the hospital, and today….  do you think that I could bring myself to get within 100 ft of my house, let alone my trusty sewing machine all day long?

Yes, I hear you calling to me Singer.  I am going to have to politely decline your invitation for a get together though….You see, I have a gorgeous day to enjoy.

This morning I had a staff meeting (blah); then I met my dad for a really nice picnic visit on the grass at the Inn; then I went for a walk around the lake, got groceries and picked up the boys.

And only now is the guilt hitting me.

You see, we have a lot of shop supply all sewn up ( left over from the Farmer’s Markets), but I really need to make 6 more knitting needle wraps to fill the quota that I wanted to bring for the show.

6 needle wraps (in fact, it’s Adirondack Motif fabric is sitting right here next to me and keeps waving at me out of the corner of my eye…. “Yeah, yeah yeah, I see you pine cones”.) that I have to finish within 2 days.

My mother always jokes that Procrastination is my middle name .

And so, as soon as a close this laptop, I plan on getting jiggy with my Singer.

Just as soon as I come back from my walk to the river with my two boys, that is .


Have a great weekend friends, and I’ll let you know how the Fiber Fest goes on Monday.