Summer is still in full swing here in the Adirondacks.

Evidenced by after school hoots and hollers from two little boys who were given a choice to either go home and help make dinner, or go to the beach to get some bees out of their cooped up bonnets.

Silly me for even thinking there would be a deliberation.

And even though the beach was officially CLOSED… I just couldn’t steer my two Hoola Dancers back to the car.

Besides, a Registered Nurse is as good as a Life Guard any day, right?


They frolicked while I gave my freckles a much needed break from the sun; they are still popping out after our week on the beach.

And yesterday, ahh yesterday.

If possible, it was even more beautiful.

My Aunt Patti and her brood joined us at the beach for 3 hours of glorious sunshine,

play and laughs.

With three of the cutest brand new Kindergarteners that we know.

2005 left to right...Aurora, Sam, and Eben

(I leave you with a drawing of Sam’s take on his ride into school on Friday.)

And a wish for a lovely rest of your long weekend.