What a marvelous day.

Open House for Kindergarten was everything I dreamed it would be.

Not a single question went unanswered, and I was reminded that there ARE other people in this world that are capable of caring for my boy…..

You know…other than my twin, husband, brother-in-law, and my parents.

Eben thought it was a complete HIT and was so excited tonight to go to the Open House Picnic with me.

We brought a blanket and claimed our spot in the sea of parents and rowdy Elementary kids in the field.

After we had settled for a while I noticed Eben staring off into the distance.

Then he rose and started to run.

I called to him..“Eben, what is it?”

“It’s my teacher!  She’s here!!!” he yelled over his shoulder.

I watched as he ran to her side and waited for her to finish talking to another little kid.  I saw her stoop down to his level once she recognized him.  I saw as they started talking; all smiles and nods… in the mutual interest of fast friends.

His face was lit when he returned to our blanket and my heart swelled.

” I hugged my teacher and she said she can’t wait to see me tomorrow!”

We went home afterward to spend the rest of the night together, relaxed and early, in anticipation of the big day ahead.

Fran helped me with getting things together and packing up his lunch bag.  And as I began sticking animal stickers onto the inside of Eben’s insulated bag (a little surprise when he opens it at lunch), Fran told me what a good mom he thought that I was.  He told me how his mom had never packed his lunch and how he always thought that the kids who’s moms packed their lunches were the luckiest kids ever.

As I stuck the final sticker on the inside of the bag I felt my throat begin to close.

Then the tears just started to fall.

And Fran hugged me for what felt like an hour and whispered all the things I needed for him to say and knew that he meant.

” This is so good for him.”

” He told me how excited he is to go.”

” I know that this is hard for you.'”

” He will still be our little boy.”

But you see, I was not crying so much for the loss as for the relief.

Relief that he is going into such a wonderful school.

A school that can count his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents as alumni.  A school that is sweet and nurturing and stimulating… a home away from home.

The tears dried and my breathing steadied.

My boy and I took a bath together and then I asked him to go get on his jammies.

When I went into his room…

he was sitting on his big bear holding the book that I had laid out to read tonight.

A book that I had been saving for today, since I bought it 3 years ago at the Thrift Store for a quarter.

So now starts a new tradition.

For a new chapter in life.

A tradition of ending the night with a book instead of a show

and snuggles with Mama in a big cozy bed.

My mind is open and I am bubbling with optimism for tomorrow.