While struggling to get my guest/sewing room under control the other day…( I know, YIKES)

I noticed some of my knitting needles sitting in one of my yarn baskets.

You see,  I have a thing for clinky needles, they remind me of my Gram.

The tink, tink, tink with every stitch;  it just, I don’t know….makes me happy.

The colors of the needles alone is enough to bring a smile to my face.

As you may have noticed, I seem to gravitate towards blues, greens, purples and grays in pretty much, well…


So…. with these needles as a color inspiration

the guest room quilt as design inspiration.

And 2 baskets full of yarn from stores and blogging friends. ( The yarn in this picture is left over from a trade with the super knitter and spinner Britt).

I set out on a new rug hooking project.

If you have never tried rug hooking I highly recommend that you try it.

There is a definite method to it.

Seeing each hook go through the fabric one after the other… then flipping the wooden frame over to see how it is turning out.

A deep breath taken with each flip.

It is so much fun that it is hard to put down.

I’m working on it when I can, but it is going to take a bit to complete.

So many hooks.

We leave on Saturday and I work at the hospital right up until we leave…. That doesn’t leave very much time for hooking.



Don’t tell my husband, but this little project might just make it’s way into the bottom of my already exploding bag for our trip.

You know, in order to gain some extra inspiration from all of those Maine waves.