A lot of projects rolled through my head for my latest linen finds at the Thrift store.

In the end, I decided on a new knitting bag.

A nice LONG bag to hold an array of projects.

It was actually easy-peasy to make.

I just cut the lace trim off of the cream colored pillow case and pinned it to the rectangles of tablecloth that I had cut out and stitched to make the actual bag.

The tablecloth was fully lined, so I had the interior of the bag already done for me.


Laura and I had bought some pretty green ribbon for dress straps, but were unable to use it because they ended up being too thick for little girls.  It was a perfect contrast to the creamy fabrics.  I zip zag stitched the lace and ribbon all around the bag.

Then I added a pocket to the front and zig zag stitched 2  more lengths of ribbon to make the long across chest shoulder strap.

I made the bag narrow and long so that it can hold and protect all of my knitting projects that I am bringing on our upcoming trip.

Oh…..did I forget to mention that?

My wonderful Father-in-Law has rented a house on the coast of Maine for him, his two boys, two daughter-in-laws, and two grandsons to spend a week together as an end of summer treat.

Anyway!!!!!!  What is basically comes down to is that we are going on a VACATION!!!!

Our first vacation in almost 6 years of marriage.

Personally, I am looking at it as a belated Honeymoon…..4 1/2 year old boy, and extended family included/excluded.

I can just picture myself lounging on a blanket, surrounded by yarn and paperbacks.

Blissed out on the shores of Maine.


Tell me.

Are you going anywhere for the Swan Song of Summer?