Keene is usually our best Market….actually it’s the only Market that we participate in because we are so successful there.

Last Sunday though,  was an absolute BUST.  Hardly any sales.

Just a market FULL of people with little dogs on leashes who stopped right in front of our tent and chit-chatted…. all the while,  their little nippy dogs growled and tangled themselves around their owners legs.


Well, needless to say, Laura and I packed it up early.

But,  not before we got some yummy goodness from our fellow vendors.

Dogwood Bread Company was the first stop.

Ever weekend I drool over their breads  that walk by loaded into people’s arms.

And their granola was pretty much calling me by first, middle, and last name.

4 booths over is the peanut butter girl.  A girl that just oozes health.  Basically dressed in just a tank top, bandanna  and glowing skin, she hocks more peanut butter than even a grocery store.

I assure you.

BUT, I swear I almost passed out when she told me the total for my 2 jars of peanut butter.


Excuse me?”


“What was that?


But, I had already made out the check.  Standing there with hesitation I could  feel the other people breathing down my neck with anticipation at owning their own jar or chocolate PB goodness.


“This better be good stuff.” I muttered to myself as I juggled the two jars in my arms along with the bread and granola.

All told, I spent more money than we made that day.

But in honesty, it was worth it.

The first jar I opened was the Adirondack Jack….a mix of  honey, flax, almond, sunflowers, peanuts, cinnamon, AND CRANBERRIES.

Cranberries.  Mmmm.

What? Who thinks of that sort of combination.

But as I spread it onto the crusty bread, I just knew it would taste amazing.

With a small bowl of granola, of course.

All was not lost for the day though.

Because Laura asked if I would mind stopping at the Keene Thrift Store on our way home.

Is that some sort of rhetorical question.


So, all was not lost for the day.

Aside from the yummy food, I got some yummy linens to cut up for some new things to sell at the Farmer’s Markets to come.

Because, just because Sunday was a bust….it didn’t break our spirits.

It filled our bellies.