In the spirit of repurposing on the inspirational tails of my friend Heather. I decided to give a new life to something that had worn out it’s welcome in someone else’s wardrobe.

Fabric sandwich

Fabric sandwich

I had just finished up a morning full of rotary cutting.

My hands were cramped and my back ached.

But hey!!!!

Look at that stack of coloring wraps to sew up for the Farmer’s Market!

I was just about to sit down and get started assembling the wraps.

When I remembered a few shirts that I had bought at the Thrift Store.  All flowers and girlie colors, they were just what I had in mind to meet my quota of  girl coloring wraps.

So, I cut it out…. the back of it made up just enough fabric for a coloring wrap.

Then it was  put it on the top of the stack.

First in line.

Ready for assembly.

This is going to be going off to Arizona, as a birthday present for my little niece, Kate Violet Laymon.

A girlie girl through and through.

Who’s  favorite colors just happen to be pink and purple.

With the middle name Violet, how could she not?