When I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch the other morning to head to work, I was startled by a family of deer in our circle garden.  They went thrashing through the Phlox and over the boulders into the woods.

Apparently, we have opened a Bed and Breakfast…

For the local deer.

I must have  interrupted their slumber, because there were bedded down areas(like crop circles) all over our Perennial garden, along with remnants of chomped beets and carrots littering the grass.

Yep, a Bed and Breakfast.

Wait until word gets out about what we have to eat now!

We’re seriously going to have to put out a “No-Vacancy” sign.


Three years after planting tiny foot tall seedlings and nursing them through trompings from little boys oblivious to their delicacy and near misses with riding mowers…

We finally have some fruits to show for our labor.

We watched it blossom through the spring.

and watched those blossoms morph into teeny apples last month.

And now….

Those babies are bigger than I ever thought they would get.

And they are just beautiful.

I picked a few to let ripen a bit before the Deer ate them all up.

We also picked some raspberries that are scattered in between the boulders that border our property.

They are perfect for picking, although very small.

They are sweet and seedy and luscious.



Tell me.

What are you growing to eat at home?