We’ve been pretty busy here, so my knitting projects are taking longer than I would have liked. But they are coming along.  Looking more and more like their intended shapes with every row that I knit.

The capelet is on it’s way,  It’s really easy to get into a rhythm with this pattern.

In more disappointing news I have scratched the Belle Star Hat due to several missed stitches and an unraveling by my cat Gracie that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Instead, I have decided to knit another Twirly Top Toque…. this time for me.

I’m using  a beautiful worsted teal yarn in a wool/mohair blend…called ocean waves.

My forehead tends to get super itchy from wool so I plan on lining this hat with fleece.  That wayit will keep me warm and itch free when I wear it skiing in the winter.

But enough about wool and winter….For now it is sunny, and the boys and I are going for an evening swim.

Pre dinner and post beating sun.

Just enough to tire out two little boys.