This morning Eben received his first letter from his Kindergarten teacher.

and it got me thinking about baby names…

Ever since I was a little girl I have made lists for the baby that I would eventually have.  Boy names, girl names, unisex names…LOTS and LOTS of names.

Then when I was became pregnant with my boy, I wrote even more lists of names.

The bad thing was that all the names that I had on my lists were met with resistance from Fran.

girl names

” What about Emelia?” I’d ask.


boy names


No way

unisex names


…Wasn’t that the name of a guy you used to go out with?

Well, you can see where this got us.

The day that I told Fran that we were having a boy was the day that we chose his name.

I giddily rambled off my newest list of names until I got to the last one.  One that I had been hesitant on since it is the name of a cousin of Fran’s.  I was afraid that there would be some confusion in such a small town.

“What about Eben?”  I asked meekly ( silently praying that it would be a hit)

“Are you serious?”

Well, I was just thinking that may…”

“I love it, it’s perfect!”

There it was,  the one and only name that we both loved and agreed on…… could we not name our baby it?

Now, I will say, this name was not met with such enthusiasm by the rest of the people that we told.

Typical conversation…

” Have you decided on a name yet?” asks…some random person rubbing my protruding belly.

“Yes, it will be Eben.”

“Evan, I love that name!”

“No, no,  it will be Eben with a ‘B'” I’d have to correct.

“Oh, well, that’s ….um….different isn’t it?”  they’d say…as they removed their hand from my stomach.

Even our parents were trying to suggest alternatives.

As soon as he was born though, when I heard it whispered by loved ones cuddling my new baby so sweetly in their arms….. I knew that this was who he was.

Eben Nathaniel.

My boy.


Now tell me….

How did you come up with the name that you chose?

What is it that you love about it?