Progress in knitting…2 newly started projects.

Yes, TWO.

a cute hat with a pattern that says EASY, but is proving to be kind of difficult.

Rusty with the old needles, I guess, but I’m sticking with it….because I LOVE hats.

And project #2 is  this sweet capelet.

It’s called the Library Capelet, which I think it is fitting…. since I can picture myself wearing it while I read book after book this coming Fall while my boy is in Kindergarten.

Aurora's Shrug....modeled by Eben by the garden.

I had some left over yarn from a shrug that I knitted in the Spring for my little cousin Aurora.  I had greatly over estimated the amount of yarn that I needed…by OHHHH, about 3 skeins a little bit .

So, I have found the perfect use for it.

All in all, it’s coming along nicely, easy to read and knit.

And TOMORROW Fran and I are headed to Vermont for a concert with some friends (while my amazingly generous twin watches our boy).


A car full of 6 wanna-be-in-our-20’s-again-but-since-we-aren’t-.-.-.-.we’re-gonna-rock -out-like-we-are…. 30-somethings with a mutual love of ….


Is there anything better?

I think not

Happy weekend to you….. all of my friends.