With Kindergarten nipping at our heels, Laura has informed me of the need for a new schedule….Concerns for the poor  teacher who has to deal with the nightmares that these boys have a tendency to turn into if they are deficient in ZZZZZ’s.

You see….

Our boys are night owls…They are the offspring of the same, their mamas.

We are all up at 6am, taking a  2hr nap at 2pm, and then off to bed,anywhere from 9pm to midnight.

Yes, you just read that correctly….MIDNIGHT.

Attempts at getting the boys on a more 5 year old appropriate schedule for sleeping has left me with a day full of occupying.

Today was nothing short of exhausting.

Up at 6am, we watched a show and ate a little breakfast…eggs and toast for the boys.

and this lusciousness for me.

Followed by a little housework. ( I wish my floors could stay this nice ).

and then we headed off to get groceries.

We then went off to the beach before it got engulfed with Ironman folks.  Where the boys played with all of the dogs playing fetch, while I watched the  kayaking boys crews with the ripped abs and gloriously toned and tanned arms rowing on the lake.

” Stroke, Stroke, Stroke”.

Sacrifices I tell you, the things I do in the name of occupying these boys.

All of this before 9am.  We then went home to put away the groceries and get to work, sewing and playing.

I made 2 pairs of pants, the first of which I should have just bailed on…I was preoccupied with watching out the window at the boys playing in the sandbox making sure that they weren’t throwing sand balls at each other.

I was not paying attention to my hemming.

and wound up with this…………………..

which led to whole lot of tedious this…….

which got me a cute pair of these……….

We ate some lunch to recharge.  So that  I could finish my quota.

Roasted red pepper hummus with tortilla crumbs seem to make anything turn out better.


My new favorite.

It’s going to be hard to part with these, come Sunday.

We’ll see what the rest of the day has in store for us.

I hope that you all are doing something that you love today as well.



It’s almost the weekend.