What a day…

My mom, Eben and I went to Plattsburgh for our first day at a new Farmer’s Market.  Full intentions of selling out and having a fabulously busy day at a market in an actual CITY were thwarted upon arrival.

We unpacked the car, set up our tables and started talking to the other VENDOR (notice…singular).  He said that they usually don’t have much craft business on Wednesday (he was a farmer) and that Saturday was the BEST day for crafters( which has no vendor spots open, OF COURSE).

Mom and I had a little pow-wow and after a panicked call to Laura who is in Rochester visiting her in laws; we came to a unanimous decision.

Pack it up and go home.

I’m glad that we did, because 1hr later, when we drove back by….

The market in full swing....FULL

this is what we missed.  Rockin’, huh?

Of course, though, all was not wasted on a trip to the big city from the mountains.

A stop for fabric was called for.

Then we headed home…. where I started sewing up a storm.

While my boy got ready

for some bonding with his Poppy, over a Harley.

And then we kidnapped my parents dog

for a heavenly walk on the trails in the woods.

I miss living on the mountain.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some ironing to do…for Sunday’s Market.

….one that actually has people at it.