Whether I’m writing about the highlight of my day, or just a mundane post about life.  I come here to get it out.  A sounding board for ideas  and to gain inspiration from friends. 

“Scientific studies confirm that Blogging in itself, has a relieving effect on the author and reader.”

********I made that last part up, by the way.********* 

Feelings of disorganization and getting all riled up in life have been an all too common vibe in my skull lately.  My mom and twin call me a scatter-brain when life starts to hit me like this…. I would be inclined to agree with them.

In the spirit of calm and pulling it all together….I felt the need to shake things up here at my place on the web.   

Spring cleaning complete with dusting off the cupboard shelves.

*Switching up my photography…..a lean towards the blue spectrum for shadowing since grey blue is my favorite color and it makes me super happy.

*Switching to a new theme that I feel is more fitting to inspire my mood lately…..  Pulled together and calm.


Is it possible for a Blog to rub off on a human?

Man, I hope so.