After watching my sister’s dresses fly out of our booth at the Farmer’s Market today, I was inspired to make something that a little boy could wear.

*Seeing how we have boys, some of the people who stopped by were puzzled by the fact that we only had girl clothes.

“Touche Pussy Cat, touche. Point well taken.”


I am not too thrilled with the patterns for pants out there.  I HATE LOATHE DESPISE really don’t like the fact that the butt part has so much extra fabric.

So I modified….It’s not the pattern that is the brain surgery of sewing a pair of pants, it is the seams….Who knew that sewing a crotch together would be so difficult!

I used a girls 3T-5T cropped pants pattern that Laura had as a reference.  After getting the gist of how to put it all together…. I searched through boxs of the boys baby clothes.  I found a pair that I thought would work and then I traced it into 2 patterns , sized 1 T and 2 T.

Sitting alternated with standing (have  mentioned that my back is out again….damn Sciatic!)

I was able to make a decent template pair.

And then me and Singer kicked it into high gear and rolled out 2 more pairs.

So, now we have something for the little Mountain boys out there.

I just hope that they go as swiftly as Laura’s dresses.



Wishing everyone a wonderful start to their week.

( I know, I know, I’m not a Monday person either.)