“Friends, this is Singer #2.”

“Singer #2, I’d like for you to meet my friends.”

Say Hello everyone.


I picked up this little looker today after almost a week of sewing withdrawal, due to the untimely demise of my old machine.

After hemming and hawing over which one to get, I finally decided to be loyal to Gram and my Singer.

I’m glad that I did, because I am absolutely…..IN LOVE!

There is a horizontal holder for the thread,

It winds a bobbin at LIGHTENING speed.

LIGHTENING, I tell you.

and the foot doesn’t push down so hard on the feeders so that it jams up, like Gram’s machine did.

No bells and whistles……

It is fabulously simple.


Now I know what you are all thinking….

“What a Trollop, moving on so quickly to a new love.”

But I tell you….. I think that I have found THE ONE!

What is your machine of choice?

Would you freak out without it, or am I the only one?