Today was absolutely gorgeous for once and I was not going to waste it.

After having breakfast and doing a little paper work, the boys and I went to the beach with some family.

The boys played with their 2nd cousin Aurora ( she is 3 days older than Sam) while I visited with my Aunt Patti.

After an hour of this.

We went down the road to our other relatives hotel and used their pool.

Where Eben showed me what he had learned the last time that he was there.

Followed by this

Which re-charged their batteries

so that they could fill little cups with water from the spigot

In order to fill their make shift chip-bag-bucket (Don’t even ask!)

Followed by a walk in the garden, grabbing the ripest baby lettuce.

For the yummiest of yummy summer dinners…….

Which I barely got to finish, before I got called into the Emergency Room to help with a full triage.

But it was good.

Every bit of it…..the day, the dinner, the work.

I hope that all of you had as nice a day as we did.