I’ll tell you this.

I am NOT a breakfast person.

If anything, I’ll grab a cup of coffee and get going.

But, yesterday for lunch my father-in-law and I went to Panera Bread for lunch.

He had a turkey sandwich and I had a bowl of soup….which came with a hunk of their french baguette bread.

A hunk

But that hunk was gone soon after I started and I found my stomach rumbling for more.  So, I went to the counter where I was accosted by the baskets of bagels and baguettes.

Before I knew what I was doing; I had ordered 6 bagels, 2 baguettes and was back at the table tearing the end off of the french bread to finish off my soup with.


This morning I went to a staff meeting and when I got back home I was starving.

Out of the corner of my eye, while cleaning off the counters I saw this….

Hmm, breakfast, what a novel idea.

A paper sack FULL of delicious bagels.

I knew I had some peanut butter in the fridge, right next to an unopened jar of Honey.

***Honey is one of those condiments that has eluded me.  I read all the time about people using it for making things, replacements for sugar, etc. And my Pa’s favorite snack when Laura and I were little… PB, honey and banana sandwiches.****

So, I layed out the breakfast assembly line.

Swirling the honey, gingerly on only one half of the bagel.

Because…… I’m a chicken.

~I only got 6 of these bagels!

~And the closest Panera’s is 1.5hrs away, and

~What if I don’t like it?

~What a waste of a carbohydrate smorgasbord!

I report that NOW am now a breakfast eating, honey convert.

At least until I run out of these ridiculously tasty bagels, that is.


Are you an every day kind of breakfast eater?

Tell me….

What did you have this morning?