Tonight after an exhausting trip to the root canal doctor for my Father-in-law, then the tail end of my cousin’s 5th birthday party in which I witnessed 2 COMPLETE meltdowns courtesy of my over tired/over sugared boy. Followed by a trip to the grocery store that was BURSTING at the seams with Ironman tourists, I was ready to collapse.

Literally collapse.

But when we got home I was greeted with a husband who needed to vent about his day and a boy that was definitely NOT going to take a nap.

Hmmm. Not exactly what I had planned.

I sat on our bed with my head resting on my hands, listening to my husband become more and more amplified about his day.

He was all worked up and I felt the stress seeping into me.

Half listening/half waiting for it to be over, I glanced out the window at the sliver of sunshine peeking through the clouds in the direction of the river.

So I said.

“I need some air.  How about we go for a walk?”

and he said.

“Yea, I guess.”

and Eben yelped


We put on our respective fleece vest, long sleeve T-shirt, and

Bear sweatshirt, and headed down the road.

We walked up the trail and back to the shore where Eben…

Mud leggings

Mud leggings

Got filthy

and then clean.

While he was occupied , our conversation picked up where it ended…..

Stress in the life of a caretaker.

Camps that have been trashed by renters.

Boats that need pumping.

Missing Adirondack Chairs and firewood.

Unpaid bills.

Plugged toilets.

Demands for painting of window cases.

Yards to mow and flowers to plant.

and he looked over at me, and said….

“I just felt like telling every one of them”

“Oh, I’m SORRY, let me drop everything and work on YOUR problem!

And we both realized that he had just quoted his most favorite beer cozy.

And we laughed.

And it felt awesome.

We walked back up to the house in the drizzling rain that is a constant here lately… to make dinner and chill.

He reached over the couch to place his hand on my shoulder and said.

“Thanks for the walk, it helped.”

And I replied.

“It sure did.”