My Google reader for Heather said “What an Honor”, so I clicked the link and saw this funny sign……

Intrigued, I continued reading….

And then I saw a list with my name on it.

Now, I will tell you this.

In the spirit of honesty….. I was very surprised.

In general, when I compare myself to all of the other crafty/Mama/bloggers out there, I feel like I’m a late bloomer… Wallflower to the dance floor full of girls doing the Macarena.

“Ayyye EEE”

I may crave to be one of the crowd…. but I’m timid when it comes to divulging.

This is me, and my life, and my blog….when I write, I want to write truth, but it’s hard putting it all out there.  Thoughts on screen.

But I do it every time that I write,  Truth posts.

Because that’s just how I roll.

There was always the hint of hesitation on my part of connecting with others.

“What if they don’t respond”

“What if they think I’m silly.”

But truth be told, those fears were unwarranted, I have found that there is plenty of room in Webland for us all….

and thankfully, creativity is contageous.


So, as you can imagine I was beyond excited to be included in Heather’s list.

Because, God knows that if I had known about it first, she would have been right at the top of mine.

A list of 10 HONEST things about me, you say…..I can do that.

(Don’t you dare laugh)

1. I pull my cat Whitie under the blankets with me to keep me warm at night.

2. I have caffeine withdrawal if I don’t have a Diet Mt Dew EVERY day.

3. You CANNOT tell my flat from fitted sheets, I am obsessive about how I fold my laundry.

4. Mayonnaise make me sick.  I can barely look at potato salad.

5. I wanted to be an OB nurse right out of nursing school, 8 years ago.

6. I HATE swings.  I DESPISE when other mothers and their kids stare us down if I let the boys sit in them a little longer than the obligatory 5 min.

7. I listen to books on CD in my car while driving with the boys and tell them we are listening to a movie.

8. My biggest regret in life is that I rushed through my younger years….I was always so anxious for the next step in life to come.

9. I procrastinate beyond belief, and then I dedicate a whole EXHAUSTING day to doing it all at once.

10. I keep my car so well stocked that I could live out of it for a week if stranded.


And now the catch…..If you find your name in the list below,

I visit your space and you inspire me.

Yes, you.

Carrie Such an eye for taking photos, with a daughter that could be her clone.

Christina a new Mama, who’s quilting I just can’t get over.

Libby who makes my head hurt with what she can accomplish in life.

Vanessa who’s baby boy makes my uterus twinge, ever the slightest bit.

Kyrie Maker of pretty little girls and…..pretty little crafts.

Leslie Knitter, photographer, nice girl extraordinaire.

Lala My most favorite person in the whole world….. who just happens share my DNA.

Ilena Quilting, mothering, yard sale-ing, fun girl that I actually got to meet, thanks to our Blogs.

Denise Colorado girl that cracks me up with her Tweets and Blog.

Martha A local gal who Laura and I thoroughly enjoy sharing Woodchuck cider, laughing, and hanging out with.

And since you inspire me, it’s your turn, if you care to join.

Make a list of truths about you.

Make a list of 10 fellow truth tellers that inspire you.

Pass on the Honor and we will all get to know each other even more.

Because fakeness is SO overrated.