This has been a hard decision for Laura and I to make, but it has been a long time coming.

Trying to update the Etsy shop, activating and deactivating listing based on what we sell has taken it’s toll on us.   Since the majority of our business is word of mouth and at the Farmer’s Markets, we have decided to close the Etsy shop.

Between trying to spend quality time with our boys, keeping house, and spending time with our husbands, we found that these things were all taking a back seat to our goods.    Too many times, we found ourselves shoo-ing our questioning boys  away from us.  While we sat hunched over the computer waiting for a photo/description to download onto Etsy.

It’s not fair to them…..and not profitable in the long run.

This is the last summer of our boys being little, before they start  school.  We want to enjoy it.

Hunching over the sewing machine is non-negotiable…that is a neccessity. But the computer…for Etsy, we can surely live without.

Because, as I have mentioned before…This is a hobby,

we are Nurses by trade, and

Mothers by LOVE….

Maybe when they’re  in school and we have more time; when we don’t feel like we’re slighting the only boys that we have, maybe then we will start a new Etsy.

So, in short, we will continue to do custom orders and attend our weekly Farmer’s Market for socializing and getting our name out in the Adirondacks.  And putting our computers for much more enjoyable uses…

BLOGGING and making wonderful friends.

Love to you all.

PS. This post inspired me when I was teetering on the fence of indecision, so thanks to the right-on Heather.