Yesterday, I spent an estimated 2 hrs trying to nurse my sewing machine back to health.

All to no avail.  It’s ka-put.

This is the same sewing machine that my sweet 4’11” Gram used when she was a young mother to her brood of 5.

I’ve written about her before,

Laura and I with Gram...2 years old.

Laura and I with Gram...2 years old.

but I don’t think I have ever posted a photo of her.

Gram's last Christmas... such a great smile.

She was a little firecracker.

Fitting, since tomorrow, the 4th of July would be her 89th birthday.

Tonight, I went out to the garden to pick some flowers in her memory.

I probably will keep this sewing machine for the rest of my life, since…

~I know that her little hands fed fabric through it, and

~her tiny foot pressed that very same pedal.

Tomorrow, I will visit the grave that she shares with her husband…. to leave flowers, like I do every year.

The flower that we share as a favorite…

Blossomed just in time.