Being coop-ed up for 3 days lends itself to a mind brimming with projects for the store.

So, yesterday when I could brainstorm no longer I entered my sewing room, overflowing with ideas.

I had some new fabric that was literally… burning a hole in my sewing machine pocket.


When Eben was a baby I used to just carry him around…sling-less, or in a front pack.

But as he got older, he became mobile….and mobility is all well and good…..Until….baby muscles tire and nerves fray and the proverbial “Wheels fall off”.

Case in point of wheels MOST DEFINITELY falling off!

Case in point of wheels MOST DEFINITELY falling off!

Between 1 and 2 years old Eben became a cling ball.  And since I watched my nephew on my days off I was usually juggling 2 squirming, clinging, vying for attention little boys.


On a rare shopping trip Laura and I found ourselves with no stroller in sight.  The boys were exhausted and Laura and I were in desperation mode .


We were in Old Navy and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Laura pick up a light wool shawl.

I thought, well that’s pretty and all, but it’s almost summer.

The next thing I knew…she had the tag ripped off, knotted the ends, threw it over her head and 1 arm and plopped Sam’s wiggling, whining buns right in the sling that she had made.

He ceased crying and just sat there looking out at the world, happy,

And me…..I just stood there in awe…. thinking,

How did she just do that?

Why didn’t she come up with this a year ago?

Where is mine?!?!?

Needless to say, it was a godsend.

We were sure to have one in our car at all times.

Sorry, so pixel-y Its the only shot I have of Eben in his sling.

Sorry, so pixel-y It's the only shot I have of Eben in his sling.

But, as Eben got bigger, the sling pulled more and more with the weight of him.  And I finally had to retire my sling due to the ever handy knot DIGGING into my ribs, or back, or baby.

Not so good.

So, long story short (or long, in this case)….now that we are sewing baby goods for our store, I have a renewed interest in slings.


Without knots that DIG.

Sling...not really this skinny, it's just folded in half for extra strength to hold my 48lb boy.

Which is exactly what I came up with!  There is a pocket for a little baby, or it can be worn as a hip carrier for bigger babies(as modeled by Eben).

It is still in the prototype stages, but I think I have it!


I came up with something else… know me….

Miss WRAP….

A diaper wrap….it holds wipes and dipes (please excuse the folded washcloth in the right pocket….gladly, we haven’t had a diaper in our house in 2 years, so I didn’t have one for the photo.)

So now I am in the perfecting stages of these new patterns, but I am excited none the least.

Inspiration breeds ideas which breeds projects.

So, I’d love to know….

What are you, my friends giving your sewing machine a workout with right now?