After a quarantined couple of days, Eben and I were finally reunited with Sam…It’s been quite the boring time for my boy.  No playmate to speak of…… besides, of course, his…..


~horizontal lying

~soup drinking

~order barking


……..The reunion went something like this………

Eben:Hey Sam, Mommy let me get 2 transformer guys.”

Sam: ” Oh yea!  Cool, where are they?”

Eben: ” Well you can’t have them, they are just for me.  But you CAN watch me play with them!”

Sam: ” Auntie Jella, Eben said I can’t play with the new Transformer Guys!”

Eben: ” Mommy!  You said they were for me!!!!!!!!!”

They just don’t miss a beat.

So, in celebration of the first day in 3 that I have been vertical, showered, AND dressed before 7am…I proposed a trip to the beach.

Which was received with little-girl-like-shreaks.

I packed the boys into the car, threw my hair up into a pony, and off we went.

With not a spot to be had at the beach to park, I began to rethink my grand plans for the morning.

And then I had a brainstorm…

The Brewster Trails!

YES, my brain wasn’t fully turned to mush with the 102 temps!

And on the Brewster Trails we did hike…

And find…

And then at the end of the trail,(just like a rainbow) was a long foot bridge, leading us to our own private swimming hole.

The outlet from the lake.

The boys stripped off their shirts, and jumped right in…

Thankfully the depth just reaches up to their little necks at the deepest spot.

The more time that passed, the braver they got.

Swimming and jumping, until one and a half hours later; when I had to literally pull their pruned little bodies out of the lake.

We then hiked back up the pretty trails.

And headed back to the house.

The fresh air and water left us all…

~a little more happy

~a little less antsy

~and a little more willing to share our Transformer Guys.