Today was our second time at the Keene Farmer’s Market. And it was very, very, very nice.

Slow to start, we took some photos and knitted.

I have tried for MONTHS to get Laura interested in knitting.

But, now that I have shown her knitting in the round….

she is HOOKED!

Converting all of my loved ones into knitters, one day at a time.

There was a smaller turn out from the last time.  But still,  not bad considering.

We were visited by our wonderful parents though; and our cousins from out of town in their camper; and people that we had met the last time that we were there.

We even had a repeat customer!
Back for more Burpies.

When the last customer had left the tents and everyone began tearing things down, Laura and I packed up.

This was my car’s Maiden Voyage to the Farmer’s Markets. (We usually take Laura’s minivan-which is in a class all of it’s own for convenience, space, and little boy entertainment!)

And my baby did me proud.

Minus the two boys who are my usual co-pilots, it held the whole lot of it with room to spare.

I guess we need to come up with some more things to make to fill the void, huh?

Great day, followed by a great evening spent re-stocking and sewing and visiting.