I thought that I could write about crafting over at our Store Blog and devote this, my first home; to writing about my life.

But today while I was sitting in my sewing room/guest room I came to a realization.

Crafting is a HUGE part of who I am and what I do in life.

What is my favorite thing to do if I have a half hour to myself?

You guessed correctly….


So, no more quarantined posts of crafting over at ADK MAMAS.

I am a crafting Mama and I am proud.

This morning was spent….stuffing birds bottoms with batting for more mobiles.

And sewing up more Coloring Wraps to replenish the supply that was depleted at the Farmer’s Market

All of this luscious crafting was made possible in part…

by the letter


and the letter


and the letter


Ooh Ooh, and I almost forget…

I scored some stunning floral sheets at the thrift store to make some pretty little girlie Mountain Babies Gifts

Also I packaged up and mailed a custom order for a set of twins…2 burp cloths, and 2 pairs of booties.

My name is Julia and I am a Craft-a-holic.

There, I feel so much better.