Today I went to the beach with my cousin/sister-in-law Emily and her boy, Baby Gary.

I call this precious little boy Baby Gary because he is indeed, the 3rd in a row of Gary’s….

Big Gary ( my father-in-law)

Little Gary ( my brother-in-law)

and now

Baby Gary( my nephew/second cousin)

Are you confused yet?

I thought so.

You see,

My cousin and I married brothers.

It is all very North-Country-soap-opera-ish.

But it is Family; and it is Fun; and it is Love.

We rarely get the chance to get together anymore, with busy schedules and boys and…Life in general.

But we were able to get together at the beach today for a little visit, and what a wonderful day that it was.

The boys were angels.

Building sand castles and eating dirt respectively.

While Emily and I got a chance to catch up together, sipping on some yummy-ness.

(Thanks for the Cozy Christina)

It was only a few hours of bliss and laughs and nose wiping.

But it was enough to leave me with a smile on my face.

I do look forward to seeing these boys grow up together…

and I hope that they can become, even half the friends that their mothers are.