Very nicely…. thank’s for asking.

After a self imposed curfew from crafting.

Only 2 pairs of booties made today ( a record ) .

I found myself in the place that I had been avoiding for the past 3 weeks.

Always saying…

Just a few more wraps to make.

It looks like it’s about to rain.

Nap time is around the corner.

Who wants to go to the beach.

Well, today was the day, if there ever was one.

Laundry whirling in the machines, floor vacuumed, boys (and I) energized from a nice nap we headed outside to…


I just did it…

I dug in.

And it felt AMAZING.

While the boys hopped on the circle garden boulders, I stabbed and shook pitchfork full after pitchfork full of jumbled roots of green.

The grasses and the clover have a nasty habit of choking out the beauty that is our perennial garden.

I know that plants don’t have feelings, but I actually felt sad for them.  They want to badly to bloom and flourish.

Yet, here they are, fighting with tangles of weeds that are robbing them of nutrients.

I feel like the bees even judge me for my neglect.

Even the ones who came to the garden by chance, dropping as seeds from birds over head.

Like the wild Lupine that multiplies every year were struggling with close quarters.

I filled 2 wheel barrows with clover alone! It was dumped as fill into a gully on the lower part of the property.

Where it can go NUTS for all I care.

I also transplanted a barrow full of Pansies down  to the newly finished (by my husband) rock wall.

When all was done, I was sweating and itching and panting with a cherry RED face.

But it felt delicious.

If I didn’t know better I swear the plants whispered to me.

“Thank you, thank you.  We can finally stretch and breath.”

We have a date again tomorrow.