How is that possible you ask?

How could you ever improve on that early moring sustenance that is CAFFEINE?

I thought it was impossible as well.

Until NOW, that is.

After 2 days of 13hr shifts and then a day long trip to Saratoga Springs with my father-in-law( he got a ROOT CANAL and I had a wonderfully CRAZYchance meeting with Ilena!) I returned home to yet again…..A FULL MAILBOX.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a coffee and tea NUT!

I love the stuff.

Rarely, do I NOT have the kettle on the stove awaiting the next cup of LOVE.

Inhaling over each cup as it filters down into my mug.


SO, you can imagine my excitement when I opened a small package addressed to MOI this morning.

I had ordered a coffee sleeve from my Blog Buddy Christina’s Shop.

She was generously kind to have included one for my twin as well.  And a sweet note as well.

THEN I opened the tissue paper to find.

The quilting is just….


So I encourage anyone visiting me here on ETSY, to stop by THERE and scoop up one while supplies last.

You will NOT be disappointed and your coffee will taste TWICE as delicious.


Now I will leave you.

We are off to do a bit of this…. I have strict orders from my husband with the Green Thumbs that the garden is in SERIOUS need of some squash.


I think we can handle a bit of this…

Have a wonderful day everyone.

As Eben says….

” It’s a BEA-U-FULL day outside.