I met my new friend Britt online during my first Giveaway… she was a late commenter that I clicked on out of curiosity. 

I am glad that  I did.

She was in the early stages of spindle spinning yarn.

 I thought it was just beautiful.

Britt liked the Knitting Needle Wraps.

We ended up planning a trade of goods.

So, this past week I got her parcel in my mail. 

I ripped into that cushioned envelope  like it was a bag of Oreos!

Inside was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed!

2 skeins of hand spun intoxicatingly beautifully mixed yarn.

That smelled of the sweetest scents from the sachet she included.

Nice touch.

Since I am such a reading NUT, I chose a lace bookmark to be my first project.  ( and there is still a TON for more projects! )

I am in LOVE.

So thank you friend for our trade….you are super talented with a spindle.