Thank you all for your sweet words!

I was so excited to draw the winner out of the hat this morning.

Eben pulled out the TEENY TINY piece of paper.

Which read…..

“Liz” ………at the

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  ( if you are NOT LIZ……don’t leave yet, there is something for you below!!!!!)

Now, I had an idea.

Since I had so many lovely visitors and such sweet comments I thought I would do a little something for everyone that visited.

If you still are interested in any item in the shop…… I would be willing to wave the shipping charges in the store.

SOUND good?!?!?!?!?!?

Just leave a comment here and I will watch for your purchase on Etsy….the shipping charge will be refunded to you through PAYPAL.

Will it be one of these?





We also have some new gorgeous quilts that my twin Laura (Lala) has made!

We promise %100 satisfaction and offer free gift wrapping.   We also do custom orders if we’re out of what you’d like,  or you had something specific in mind but just don’t see it in the store.  We actually have a TON of stock that we haven’t listed……. since we are going to have a booth at our  Local Farmers Markets next month!

So now, go browse the store and let me know!