This weekend I went on a wonderful trip to Vermont to see my bestest of best friends (aside from my twin and my mom), Valerie with my twin sister and our boys.

We all have boys around the same age and luckily the kids get along as well as the three moms…..kindred spirits.

The visit was cut shorter than I would have liked because I had to……WORK.

Seriously, why can’t I just stay home and craft and take pictures and go for extended trips to see friends?

Huh, why is that Work…..Don’t you love me?  Can’t you give me an little break; like maybe a month or two?

That would be so nice of you.


Any way, I had to work for Sunday and Monday.


And when I returned home to my estranged home and husband after a 4 day departure I was exhausted.


As I pulled int the driveway, I noticed that the mailbox was propped open with a full belly.

Because GOD forbid, Fran check the mail.

Vent complete.

SO, I extracted the mail from it’s box as Eben unbuckled his seat belt and leaped out of the car into his Daddy’s arms, telling him all about our trip.

I went up to the house and sat in the car, leafing through the mail.

Bill, Bill, Bill, magazine, marketing, paper, large white firm envelope, bill, magazine, news, magaz…..Wait, What was that Envelope?????

Could it be????

YES, it was my pictures that I won in Vanessa’s giveaway!!!!


Returning home just got a LOT better.

SO, before I even unloaded the car, I sat on the deck and opened the envelope.

It’s contents far exceeded my expectations.

Vanessa takes some Amazing shots.


SO, today,  I am going to find the perfect frames for the Perfect shots and hang them in my craft room.

Inspiration framed.

Thanks so much Vanessa!

I LOVE them.

Today is Nursery School Graduation, so if I am not a Blubbering IDIOT afterwards, I will be back to post some more.

Happy Wednesday!