Its a good thing hes so damn cute.

It's a good thing he's so damn cute.

Dear Fran,

Why is it that although we have a freezer full of food that can be combined into a nice dinner (if time is taken to cook it that way) you LIVE off of….

jars of sauce

whatever noodles we have in the house


Tyson chicken nuggets

Canned vegetables.

Raisin Bran


a gallon if 1% milk

What is with that?????

It drives me crazy!!!

End of my love letter


For some reason (other than the obvious laziness) he just likes to eat like a kid when Eben and I are gone while I work my days in a row(we stay at Laura’s since she watches Eben).   I swear….he eats up EVERY bit of kid friendly food in our house which leaves me to start my days off by attacking the grocery store to re-stock the kitchen.

Yea, FUN.

I am surprised that there are still gummy bears  in the cupboard.  Seriously.

And the thing is….he is a terrific cook, he always helps me when I am home, coming up with different things to make.  So my thought process leads to this…….Since I am not there to control (and pick up) the mess that inevitably ensues while he makes a meal, I can only think that he is trying to make it easier on himself…..

see… laziness.

So, I ask you….. if you weren’t around, what would your husband eat.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.