There are several farms in the area that have wildlife for keeps…. Reindeer and Elk and Alpacas just to name a few.   Since it is Spring and there are new babies being born, it is prime time for viewing them all in the happiness that Winter had left in it’s wake.

Eben and Sam went with Laura for a visit to one of the Alpaca farms on a shearing day.  I was at work, but Laura brought my camera and  took some beautiful shots that I thought I would share.

They are furry, wooly wonderfulness on four legs with the tiniest of feet.

Stunning, even with their hair freshly shorn in anticipation of the fleeting few months of heat that we have here.

Herded by family in shades of brown, cream, and black.

They are well loved by both owners and visitors.

And up the hill from where I grew up is a Reindeer Farm for Santa.  The North Pole.

Today we were on our way to my Grandparents driving over the mountain and I wanted to stop and see if the reindeer were out of their barn. There had been a light rain, but they were out; penned and damp, but happy in the coolness in brought.

The biggest of them was tentative to our visit and voiced his interest in us.

But soon they calmed to us and were very friendly.

I think they thought we brought them the Wasa crackers that they are fed by their keepers.

Their velvet is softer than soft and they let us rub the spots between the antlers, itching the matted damp fur that is there.

They are beautiful and gentle with eyes that could make you cry.

I am happy for the access to such penned beauty.