I  just wanted to thank everyone who continues to visit me even though thegiveaway is complete.   It’s so nice to meet new people here on the Web. 

View from the hospital of the lake.
View from the hospital of the lake.

I am working today and tomorrow;  then Eben has his official kindergarten registration interview on Tuesday. 




Our dialog lately in anticipation of this milestone goes something like this……

Me: “Eben, where do you live?”

Eben: ” I don’t remember” (awesome!)

Me: “Eben, what is your Mommy’s name?”

Eben: ” Jeeewleee-ya Dayyy-beee” (YES!)

Me: “Eben, What is your Daddy’s name?”

Eben: “Ttttraaayn Dayyy-beee” (good)

Me: “Eben, what is my phone number?”

Eben: ” I don’t know, what is it?” (Spectacular!)

Me: ” Eben, what road do you live on?”

Eben: “Averyville Falls”  (Nope)

This should be interesting!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!