Every year since they could walk my boy Eben, my nephew Sam, and I have spent countless hours by the water.  And every year as soon as the ice goes out they begin to beg to go swimming.

It all starts out innocently enough with the dollar store quest for shovels and pails and sifters.  With promises of…..

“Keeping our shoes on”


“Not going in the water.”

SO, this past glorious Wednesday after the Nursery school, the boys and I ventured over to the little strip of beach that we claim as our own every spring.  It is a spot where ducks wait for crumbs and dogs chase after sticks…….and we love it.  I mean LOVE it.

I had settled into the roots of an old tree on the grassy knoll for a little shade and rest.  The boys were playing nicely with their new sand gear;  and I bravely thought to myself….

“This is just perfect, they are dry and having a blast.”


But at some point, while I was busy with this….

they kept neither of their above stated promises.

And I just shrugged….

“Well, they lasted a lot longer than I thought that they would.”

and continued with my knitting.

Almost every person that passed by GASPED…. and asked the boys if they were cold (“NO!”).  And as they continued on their walk around the lake, I could hear them whispering  judgment under their breathe.  Something to the effect of  “careless” ,” how“, “freezing“, and I think I heard ” too cold for even dogs” mixed in there somewhere.

All the while the boys continued giggling and running from the grass into the water…as if it was an 80 degree July day.

These two boys are true Adirondackers and I am glad for it.

Summer is around the corner….

Just ask these two little boys.