The lovely Vanessa held a “Pay it Forward” of sorts that she called “Forward Momentum” And,  I was one of the winners in the drawing for one of Vanessa’s prints (I know….Exciting, huh!).  Now, it is my turn to hold a Giveaway.  I came up with my own pattern for a needle wrap that I’ve had a lot of interest in… Sooooo, I thought I would use my wraps as my “Forward Momentum”.   Because, I can’t bare the thought of this stack of wraps that I have- not being used.

Here is the deal….

Post a reply to me here; and next Friday I will draw  TWO names out of a hat.  Those two people that I draw, will then be able to chose one of the two types of needle wraps that I have, then, I’ll make you a custom wrap out of a fabric of your choice!!!! (descriptions are over on Etsy… Here and Here ).

Circle and 10in straight needle case


DPN's, crochet hooks, and/or stitch holders case

DPN's, crochet hooks, and/or stitch holders case

I will then mail the wrap  to them….. for free!

The thing is….you will have to do your own “Forward Momentum” by doing the same thing with something you created, on your own weblog!

Simple enough, huh?

So now, write me a little LOVE….tell all of your knitting friends to join in too, and I will put you all in the drawing.

I’m excited!

Are you?

Can’t wait to see you all in the comments section!

Love, Julia