Today is my first day off after my 3 day stretch and I was glad for it; to say the least.

Laura was off too and we were able to get in a wonderful visit while the boys were are Nursery.  We went back to my house; sprawled out on the couch and sipped on hot cocoa while watching tv and laughing out butts off at…..


( yes, I watch this show…. and if you know nothing about it….please do not judge me after you have googled it!)

It was heaven I tell you.


After I picked up Eben we went down to the river for our daily dose of therapy.

His: aggression released by throwing stones .

Mine: blasting a book on tape from the car stereo, sitting on a boulder and knitting up a storm.

We then went to the grocery store for $136.41 worth of food and returned home to find this….

To which our boy gravitated to immediately;  in place of my plans for him…

watching a show

(No wonder he chose to hang with Daddy)

while I did this….

which turned into this….

Which I am making for people to fill up with needles

Like this….

And to roll up

Like this….

So that they too can have as much fun as I am having

doing this….

Here is to a day as wonderful as today…..tomorrow.

And to everyone who is visiting me, a nice day to you too!