Dipping my toes in the waters of SWEATER knitting.

This is my first attempt.   I was looking for something simple to test out my skills and came upon this little beauty.  It is a Shrug from the book One Skein Wonders and the picture in the book however, made it look like it would fit an adult.

As I knitted though; row, after row, after row, I was shocked at how little it was turning out.

TEENY in fact

It may have been my fault though, I didn’t have a size 10 1/5 circle needle as the book instructed, so I used a size 9.  Yet, I did increase the number of stitches to compensate (I thought).

As I’m learning…improvisation in knitting is NOT a good idea.

But it did turn out as I had hoped…

and it will fit someone…. just as long as they don’t weigh over 45 pounds.

It JUST fit Eben when it was completed.  And I DO mean…. JUST.

I love it though, even modeled on my boy…who was SUPER accommodating to my requests to take off his BEN 10 shirt and put on this (” lady sweater” as Sam so kindly pointed out) so that I could take some pictures.

So, it’s done, and I am feeling like I might be able to actually make myself a little something in the near future.

Just not today

Now, I am off to play pirates with my boys and straighten up my house (maybe).

Have a terrific weekend.