This evening Eben and I went for our regular walk down to the river.  It was an absolutely delicious day out and we were in no mood to waste it on a day inside.  The weather has been frigid for the past few days and we were glad to be able to put on light coats and be on our way.

The river had thawed completely and we were happy to sit on the shore and throw rocks, watching each one plunk to the bottom with different “Sploosh” for varying sizes of stones.  Eben then found a rock as big as his head…he begged me to allow him to throw it from the bridge for the MONSTER of all “Splooshes“.  I said that he could ( intrigued as to whether he could actually lug the thing up the bank to the bridge or not).  Once we got to the bridge and checked for cars, it was all a-go.

The rock made a splash as high as the road that the bridge is made for and Eben screeched with excitement.

View from the bridge (where the rock was dropped off)

View from the bridge (where the rock was dropped off)

He asked to do it again (which we did)….

and AGAIN ( which we didn’t).

Instead I diverted his attention to the thawed river who’s girth has multiplied in yards, and who’s depth has increased in feet.  He asked me if we could walk the shore for a bit in the direction of our house.  I was happy that he asked and we were off in a flash, wading through sopping dried grass and avoiding  rocks and roots that threatened to trip us at every step.

We stopped along the way to throw more rocks….

to look at the mussel shells that litter the shore….

and to sit a bit to take in the beauty of our surroundings….

The river is directly across the road and through the woods from our house.  As the crow flies our house is smack dab in the center of the border of the State Forest preserve and private land that is owned by my Dad’s boss.

This also happens to be the widest part of the river.

It mimics a small lake or a large pond at this time of year; all swollen and rushing with the increase in volume from the snow that melts more and more each day.

When we had finished our adventure and our bellies were rumbling for dinner we made our way up the short distance home.

Looking back through the trees at where we had been….

and then, through the trees at where we were headed….