For the past 3 years of Eben’s life I have escaped (albeit narrowly) the whole FIASCO which is Easter.

Not partaking in;

The unnecessary engorging of candy…

The toys that just add litter to the play room…

The dragging around of two over-tired and over-stimulated little boys in car seats to families houses.

The Easter egg hunts, etc.

Kind of like I was for all holidays……

That was all before my boy started to figure it all out.

Yesterday when we were at the grocery store, Eben saw a package of Easter sugar cookies in the egg section.  I watched him while I put packages of butter in the cart and I think I actually saw a light bulb go off above his head.  He snatched 2 packages (glittering with sparkly eggs and images of bunnies) and threw them in the cart, mumbling something about milk and cookies and bunnies….So we checked out, and I didn’t mention a thing, wondering what exactly was going through his little head.  As soon as I opened the door to the house, he bee-lined for the chair he uses when he helps me in the kitchen.  He pulled it up next to the stove, instructed me to start the oven, clutching the chilled pack of dough to his chest.  We were making cookies even before I had put the rest of the groceries away.  All the while Eben was telling ME about Easter. He apparently is under the impression that this Bunny character is in the same class as Santa Clause…cookies, milk, presents, etc.


EVEN though I will be at work tomorrow from 6:30am to 7:30pm….


EVEN though I won’t be here to see the excitement on Eben’s face when he sees his basket( I KNOW….A BASKET!)….


EVEN though I won’t help him collect his eggs on the trails behind Laura’s house….

I am super psyched for Easter.

Because, I know that whether I am there or not, the good times will be had by all.   The little red cheeks of my boy will ache from smiling and bellies will be extra plump from sugar filled eggs.

Happy Easter everyone.