Today was a day I had not planned for.  I was all set to plop my butt in front of the computer for a good stretch of time after working for the past two days.  Plus, I was on MEGA antibiotics for my ear infection and was not in the mood for any sort of outing… all.

Then, my Dad called and dropped a bomb…..

” I just wanted to remind you that the village is turning off the power from 10-2 today.”

Me:  “What, what do you mean”  Panic rising in my voice.

He wasn’t kidding and I was not looking forward to my exile from the electronic world on a day where the thermometer read 24 degrees and I was bundled up in my nightgown still and had just settled E into the couch with an arsenal of shows to watch.



So, it was 9:30 and I reluctantly got into the shower and PELTED my ear with water to help relieve the itching.  Then E and I got into the clothes I had layed out for us…reluctantly.

The power ceased and we were in the car on our way to the library within a half hour.

We went to the next town over, and I must admit that we had a nice time.

We went to the Library and read some books, one of them was about pirates and volcanoes and ships that E absolutely LOVED.  I also got 2 new books on CD for commuting.  BONUS!

We went out to lunch.

And then we went to the toy store and E got some new ‘guys’. He also BEGGED me to buy him a pirate ship to go with the guys.  But I distracted him long enough to get out of the store without one.

Yet once we got home, I was barraged with more requests for a ship.  F was home from work since there was no power, and the two of us looked at each other. Apparently we read each others minds.  We both said….”Let’s make one.”

So, we went down to the work shop in the basement after gathering our crafts supplies from the craft closet.  We also found some cardboard in the burn pile for the woodstove.  We couldn’t use the glue gun(which would have been ideal) due to the power outage, but we did have a MASSIVE roll of duct tape.

DUCT TAPE is the BOMB!!!!

We cut and taped; and cut and taped.  And before we knew it, we had a SHIP!

AND it was fun!

Making all of the accessories and forts and planks to walk on…

Now, that the ship is complete.

The power is back on (OF COURSE)

Yet, E is still in his bedroom; sweetly playing with his new toys…….

without the lights on.

We survived our 4 hours of Pioneer living UN-SCATHED and I hope you are all having an equally nice day!