I have an entire tupperware FILLED with magazine clippings.  Dreams and inspiration that I have ripped out over time in anticipation of what will be.   Proof of….

how I want it

how it will be

how I see the future of our house.

There they sit….laying  in a plastic under-bed storage container; patiently waiting for a time when we…..

Have some extra money.

Just leafing through the clipped stacks gives me a warm and tingly feeling inside.

Our house is a kit house (which is a nice way of saying modular or DOUBLE WIDE)  You wouldn’t really know it by looking at it though.

It has Cedar siding and my husband built the sweet tree shutters that flank the windows.

Over the years we have made numberous improvements, little by little.

I, myself have devoted lots of hours to erasing the LAME sheetrock job(all speckled with and slatted that it is) that the house came with…..mudding and sanding and painting in the loveliest shades of blueish gray or grayish white.  I have done E’s room, and our guest room this way, and painted the kitchen.

We placed the house on a FULL basement foundation, and F has changed it from a concrete nightmare to an actual living space complete with ROOMS over the 5 years since we moved in.

We completely overhauled the bathroom off of our bedroom.

Yet, there is still so much that I wish we could do if we had the……




Our next few projects are DOOSIES…..seriously.

– tearing up the TRASHED carpet in the living room and dining room, ideally; replacing it with the my dream plank flooring.

( do not, I repeat….DO NOT opt of cream colored carpet when you are planning on having kids.  I swear; I should take stock in the RUG DOCTOR steam cleaner, I have rented it more times than I care to recall.

Then we are going to connect our two porches so that they wrap around the house.

connecting the front porch with the one at the main entrance

connecting the front porch with the one at the main entrance

And then we will tackle the kitchen……God help us!

I want these cabinets, with butcher block counter tops and a farmers sink.

And then, (when we are probably 60 years old) we will have the house of our dreams.


To match the happiness that already fills these walls (that await upgrades) on a pretty regular basis.