Laura and I have had a little shop on Etsy since January or so of this year.  We’ve had a bunch of viewings of the items, but I am sad to say that we have yet to sell a single thing.

So, today I went ahead and did some revamping with my new camera….I figure if I snazz up my photos, maybe I’ll snag a few sales in the process.

The boys and I went down to the river ( I know, I know;big surprise…we went to the river) this morning.

I brought along the booties and my camera for this gallivant.   The lighting was excellent and the temperature was even more lovely.

I just found a spot among the moss and shriveled leaves, and started shooting.

Here is a sample of what they looked like….


And after….

I also took some fun shots to play around with for the Etsy Banner….

Finally, I decided to go with this one….

And lastly, one photo of a pair of the booties all packaged up and ready to go.

Hopefully this little overhaul will prove successful for us.  It’s not that I have a whole lot of time or energy invested in it.   I just LOVE these booties and want to know that they are being loved on some little one’s feet;  instead of in a basket in my craft closet.

Have a wonderful day!