I found this hat pattern in a book….I had to modify the top half since I didn’t like the bulge that all of that purling created; but it is from the book One Skein Wonders.

I was feeling extra confident with the completion of Laura’s hat and was looking for a new project.

I had just gotten some SOFT YARN by Red Heart that was burning a hole in my pocket like a $20 bill.

I sat down in the guest room at Laura’s house so I could see the boys outside.  I had sent them outside and they were occupying themselves by exploring and playing on the wood pile collecting teeny pine cones.

I had some quiet and just scanned the pattern, following direction and stitching my way through it.

(with 3 books for stitch explanation by my side)

I took me about 5hrs total spread over 3 days, but I was able to finish it.

With a little distraction from a certain cat who LOVES to roll over on books.

I finished it two days ago and showed it to my fellow nurse (Nancy) at work yesterday.

Nancy is one of the CREW at work.  It  includes my good friends Ginger, Bre, Laura, Veronica, and I.  When any combination of these girls is working….there is sure to be a good time.  She joins right in with the sarcasm and swear words that flow freely from our lips at the hospital on a challenging day.

She is an inspiration to me in many ways.  She is in her sixties and has climbed EVERY ONE of the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks.  The fact that she only started to hike within the past 10 years is a feat in itself.  She keeps a gorgeous house that is located on a secluded lake….It is filled with hooked rugs, wood floors, antiques galore and a wrap around porch TO-DIE-FOR.   She also has been through UNIMAGINABLE hardships in life, ones that would cripple even the most strong of heart.  And I wouldn’t have even known it; had I not asked her an innocent question  in the med room one day after E was born.

I adore her.

Nancy is also a crafter.  She had commented on the yarn and the pattern on Sunday.  We were working together, having a nice day and I was stealing a few minutes to knit during my break.   So when I had the chance to show her the finished product 2 days later I knew that she would appreciate the fact that I was so psyched to have finished it.

And she did…..

Because I gave it to her as a gift.

Now I am off to make more hats.

For all the rest of my girlies in my life…. that I love so dearly.