My FIRST adult sized hat is now finished.

I made it for L, who I NEVER see with a hat unless she is skiing.  This is contrasted by me….her twin, who is NEVER without a hat (just ask my mom who frequently comes up behind me and snatches them off of my head when I wear them in the house.)

I started it on a beautiful day.

I packed it up in my backpack for our walk to the river the other day.  So that I could work on it while E threw rocks and I relaxed, nestled into my chair made of sand.

It was about half way finished by the time we walked home .

And I was able to bind it off the next morning.

Then I looked at it on Laura and I liked it…..

But, it was definitely lacking a little something.

Some sort of embellishment was needed.

I thought about it for a while and then started messing around with different yarn and crochet hooks etc.

Finally I found something that I liked

….and L loved.

Now I am working on the half mittens to go with it.

See, I told you I was hooked!