I was tired of having to fish through the tote bag that I had been using to hold all of the needles I have aquired for knitting and sat down the other day with a plan.

A plan to consolidate my madness into some sort of portable ease.  I figured I needed 2 wraps.

One for shorter things, like… the double pointers, holders, and crochet hooks.


One to hold the longer needles and my 4 rounds.

The only issue was mapping out dimensions and finding a suitable fabric for the cause.

It had to be sturdy and pretty puncture proof.

I opened up the closet and took down my bags of fabric and scraps, sizing up the size and feeling out the thickness.  Envisioning the finished product even before it was chosen.

I had a PILE of felt squares in all sorts of colors.  I would use one of them as the backing of the smaller wrap.  AND I  still had the rest of the felted scarf that I had used to make a pair of booties.

I also pulled out the thrifted shrunken creamy wool jacket that I had bought BASICALLY, just for the buttons.  It was a whole $2.

I was set to go; measured felt and wool, buttons, and Gram’s sewing machine.

I chose brown felt for the backing.  Because I LOVE brown; and it matches the pattern.

I measured out the sizing for the little divided pockets of the FIRST wrap. and sewed them up.

I sewed on a top flap; cut 2 tiny holes in it for button holes and sewed the buttons to the lower piece..

Then I added some ribbon and rolled it up.  Finished.

And then I was ready to do wrap Two.

I used the end of the scarf for the larger wrap.

I sewed the pocket dividers right onto the front of the scarf; and sewed on two more buttons.  I used the already sewn end of the scarf as the bottom of the wrap.  Then I cut the top front half off of the scarf, folded over the back part and cut in two button holes.

Then I filled the pockets and rolled them up.

Under one hour to complete and it really is helping me to keep track of all of my supplies.

I hope you all are having a terrific weekend!

I am.