I can’t help but hold my breath.

Every morning I wake up, inhale and put my open palm to the glass of my bedroom window .

Testing to see what the night has left in it’s wake.

Lately I have been pleasantly relieved.

No frost.

No snow.

No hand recoiling off of the glass.

Just a beautiful crispness in the air that slowly, but surely trades itself in. Upgrading to delightfully chilled breezes and glorious sunshine to warm by.

Yesterday was no exception.  E and I spent most of our day outside.

We pulled some weeds.  And surveyed the rest of what’s left from Fall.

We put away tools that had been left out.

He helped his Dad dig a drainage ditch for all of the run off of melting snow.


We went down to the river


I’m almost positive that this is not the last I have seen of snow, but I will say this.

I am ready for a steady supply of heat right about now.

Thanks all the same.